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For security reasons, people apply passwords to their PDF documents to prevent others from viewing, modifying, copying or printing PDF content. Similarly, sometimes many users may forget the set user password or cannot open the file. Therefore, they need a PDF password unlock tool to crack the password so that they can access their files again. In this article, we will discuss solutions and best tool - PDF Password Cracker/Unlocker that can help you crack the password of PDF files.

PDF Password Cracker/Unlocker Features

PDF Password Cracker or PDF Password Unlocker is the professional PDF Open/Users Password Cracker and Unlocker software which lets you remove unknown password from PDF and open password-protected PDF document without password. PDF Password Cracker/Unlocker featured 3 advanced PDF password cracking modes: Brute-Force attack (Try all possible password combinations. It takes more time); Brute-Force with Mask Attack (Customize numbers, symbols, characters, etc.); Dictionary Attack (Quickly find the password from inbuilt or customized dictionary). PDF Password Cracker/Unlocker is the most secure, reliable and efficient password cracking tool for users, you can get your lost, forgotten or unknown PDF user/open password in the shortest time.

PDF Password Cracker/Unlocker Full Version Free Download Online

Free Download Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

How to Crack and Unlock PDF User/Open Password with PDF Password Cracker/Unlocker

Please install and launch PDF Password Cracker/Unlocker software on your computer and fellow steps as below.

Step 1: Add PDF File

Click "Open" button to select the PDF document protected by Open/User Password.

Step2: Recover PDF Open/User Password

Select PDF Password attack method. Click "Start" button to continue. After a few minutes, your forgotten password will be displayed in a pop-up window. Click "Copy Password" button to save your PDF User/Open password.